About Coureur


Coureur is driven by Bart Ketels

  • Passionated cyclist (mountainbike and race)
  • Lover of (cycling) sports
  • Master in Physical Education (Ghent University) and qualified bike mechanic
  • Dad of two cool boys



Cycle in style and without worries

"Cycle in style" and hours of "cycling fun without worries" through the combination of design, functionality and sustainability. That is the ultimate goal of Coureur.

Therefore, Coureur offers you unique bikes, stylish cycling apparel, safe helmets, functional bike accessories, sustainable bike repairs and honest advice.


Unique bikes, stylish cycling apparel, safe helmets and functional bike accessories

Coureur is born out of a passion for cycling and is inspired by personal preferences for specific products and materials. We consciously choose for a specifc and unique range of stylish, functional and sustainable "niche products" instead of offering large or mainstream brands. We also care about the story behind our brands. For example, in our (web)shop you can find cycling bags that are made with local workers in England (Restrap), bikes that are only available in limited editions (Bombtrack en Genesis) or helmets that have been developed based on the basis of scientifc research (POC). Since we are looking for brand with a credible story and a same vision, Coureur is the only and proud ambassador of Black Sheep Cycling in Belgium, a stylish clothing brand with unique and exclusive cycling apparel.


Sustainability and honest advice

Coureur is not only born out of a passion for cyling but also out of the idea that sustainable mobility is necessary to contribute to the preservation of our beautiful planet. Sustainability is included in the daily activities of Coureur, both in the bike repairs as in the choice of the products. This means that Coureur offers bikes, cycling apparel, helmets and bike accessories of which the quality is guaranteed in the long-term. Also, Coureur use high-quality materials and products when carrying out the bicycle repairs.

Our ultimate goal is to help and get you on the road in style and to provide you with hours of cycling fun without any worries. This is only possible by providing you with personal and honest advice, both when you purchase a bike, cycling apparel, a helmet or bike accessories as well as when you ask us to repair or maintain your bike.  We advise you as we would like to be advised ourselves. 


Cycling experience

Cycling experience is intrinsically associated with Coureur. Therefore, we organise the so-called weekly "After Work Rides" on Thursday evening. These are sportive rides during spring and summer that start at the entrance of the shop and that cross the wide surroudings of Aalst. The data are announced annualy at the end of the winter via our blog "Radio Peloton". The ride is shared in advance via the Strava-club "de vroege vluchters".


Fietsbeleving via After Work Rides van Coureur. Sportieve fietstochten in Aalst.